It takes a very special kind of woman to be a surrogate, as these women tend to be some of the kindest, most generous people you’ll ever meet. If you’re considering making this momentous step, you have probably come up with many reasons why it’s the right choice for you. However, hearing why others choose to be a surrogate may reaffirm what you already believe, and can give you even more reasons to feel good about your decision. Of all the reasons women typically give, these tend to be the top three.

  1. You Understand the Joy of Parenting and the Heartache of Infertility

Most women who decide to be a surrogate are already mothers. They understand what it’s like to feel “complete,” while holding their little one, and know how wonderful it is to build a family. Though starting a family is easy for some people, others struggle with infertility. They watch their friends and family bring children into the world, and even though they are happy that their loved ones have these experiences, simply seeing a baby can bring heart-wrenching sorrow because they may never experience the same. Surrogate mothers are empathetic to this heartache and are honored when they can help replace this sorrow with the ultimate joy of holding one’s own child.

  1. You Are Helping a Family in a Way Nobody Else Can

Those who turn to surrogacy to complete their families have likely exhausted all other options first, and you may be the only one who can help them. There is strict criteria for surrogate mothers, including health and psychological screenings, and many parents-to-be like to find mothers who live close to them and share similar values. Because of this, it can take a family months to find the right candidate. When a match is made, something magical happens. Those who choose to be a surrogate can make a dream come true, inspire hope, and make the world a little bit brighter.

  1. The Stipend Can Help You Realize Your Dreams, Too

Those who work with SPS receive payments, but this is only a small benefit compared to the emotional satisfaction they achieve. Often times, surrogates will use the funds to improve their lives or the lives of their children. Some mothers are able to stay at home with their own kids as a result while others make down payments on homes or return to school.

The decision to be a surrogate is literally life-changing, for both you and the people you are helping. It’s very common for intended parents and their surrogate to form a bond. Sometimes, this relationship lasts a lifetime, while other times, simply the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a family become complete is what lingers. In any case, it’s a richly rewarding journey, which very few women ever get to experience.