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New to surrogacy? Inland Empire residents are lucky to have Surrogate Parenting Services to guide them on their surrogacy journey. Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate or having a child through gestational surrogacy, you probably have a million questions about how the process works, and how a Surrogacy agency can help you.


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Finding the right match is critical for a successful surrogacy. Inland Empire residents can consult with Surrogate Parenting Services to find the gestational surrogate or intended parent who is a fit for them. Some intended parents wish to have very limited contact with the surrogate and vice versa. On the other hand, some intended parents wish to have as much contact as possible with the surrogate throughout the surrogacy journey. These types of preferences are what a surrogacy agency like Surrogate Parenting Services analyzes prior to matching a gestational surrogate with intended parents. The surrogate agency will develop a profile for both the surrogate and intended parents and then arrange for those who have the most matched profile responses to meet and interview each other. When both parties are in agreement as to the style and details of their surrogacy preferences, they will move forward in the process together.

After the match has been made, the legal process is the next step in a surrogacy. Inland Empire residents who choose to work with an agency like Surrogate Parenting Services can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands, legally speaking. They will arrange for consultation with a lawyer who specializes in reproductive law. In many cases, the surrogate and intended parents will have their own representation. The lawyer will advise the client on what should be included in the surrogacy agreement in order to protect their best interests. When all parties agree on the details of the surrogacy agreement, the surrogacy can proceed.

Fertility Process at our Local Surrogacy Agency in Inland Empire.

The fertility treatments to achieve a pregnancy are the next step in a surrogacy. Inland Empire residents have a multitude of highly qualified fertility clinics where they can choose to receive their treatment. The surrogate agency will provide counsel to the intended parents about whether they recommend a particular clinic and communicating with the clinic on their behalf. The agency will also act on behalf of the intended parents with respect to establishing the billing guidelines for the surrogate’s services. The surrogacy agency will track the treatment progress and provide support to the intended parents and surrogate while they are going through the procedures. Once a pregnancy has been achieved, the surrogate agency will perform these same functions with the obstetric clinic until the baby is born.

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