As most surrogates will tell you, becoming a surrogate mother is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Surrogates give the gift of life, provide a financial boost to their family, and make beautiful memories to last a lifetime

While the benefits of surrogacy are clear, many prospective surrogates wonder whether they will have to pay any of the costs associated with their surrogacy. If you partner with an experienced, reputable surrogacy agency like Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS), the answer is no

As a surrogate, you don’t have to worry about the financial costs of your surrogacy, but you should go into the process with a full understanding of the physical and emotional impacts of surrogacy, as well as the effects the journey will have on your family.

Financial Cost

Not only will you not have to pay any of your surrogacy costs, you’ll be compensated and supported during your journey. At SPS, our compensation packages start at $60k. 

Physical Impact

As you are well aware, pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on your body. When you’re considering surrogacy, be sure to take these effects into account, and keep in mind that every pregnancy is different. So, while you may have felt wonderful during your previous pregnancies, there is a chance the next one will be a little more difficult. 

Emotional Impact

It’s important to be prepared for the emotional effects of surrogacy as well. As a surrogate, not only will you experience the typical hormone-related emotional changes that happen during pregnancy, but you may also be affected by the emotional ups and downs of your surrogacy journey. 

At SPS, surrogates and intended parents speak with a mental health professional who specializes in surrogacy. We believe it’s essential that both parties are emotionally prepared for and supported during the experience. During the interview process, our surrogates spend three to four hours with a specialized Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP), and once their journey has begun, they participate in monthly support meetings led by mental health professionals. 

Impact on Your Family 

Surrogacy will, of course, not only impact you—it will also affect your family

From start to finish, the entire surrogacy process can last a year or more and requires a serious time commitment. There will be physical and psychological examinations, medical procedures, and time spent with the intended parents. Your family will be affected in other ways, too. For example, there are restrictions on intimacy, and you will be dealing with the normal emotional challenges that come with pregnancy. 

While the journey can be tough for your family at times, research has shown that becoming a surrogate can have a positive impact on your children

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