Every surrogacy story is special, and yours is no exception. That’s why we’re so excited about our Storytellers series.

This week we’re hearing from Heather, who talks about her first experience being a surrogate. Learn what inspired her to become a surrogate, why she chose SPS, and the wonderful connection she made with her IPs.

Why Heather decided to become a surrogate

I really enjoy being pregnant and I loved the idea of helping a mom who was unable to carry a child to term on her own. It was a genuine way our family could help another family.

The beginning of Heather’s journey with SPS

I had researched and talked to SPS a bit in 2017. Then, I remembered SPS when I talked to a few other agencies and after a year I had not heard back from them. I reached out to SPS again and they let me know they would contact me once they had a good match for me, and they did! That is when my surrogacy journey started.

From transfer to delivery Heather's Surrogacy Story SPS

SPS told me they had a great couple that would be a good match for me. They confirmed the IPs’ values aligned with mine. I reviewed their profile and was in agreement they would be a good fit. We decided to move forward and aimed for a transfer date. My first transfer had to be postponed due to polyps I had to get removed. After that procedure was done, I flew to San Francisco for my first transfer in October of 2021.

Unfortunately, the first transfer was unsuccessful, so we worked together toward a new transfer in early December. We found out shortly before Christmas I was pregnant. What a wonderful Christmas that was for all of us! The IPs came to several appointments and were really a close part of the pregnancy; we were frequently in touch. Then, their long-awaited baby girl arrived in August 2022. I had a natural birth, and she was 6lbs, 15oz and just precious!!

“I would do it again in a heartbeat” Heather's Surrogacy Story

It was such a great feeling of satisfaction knowing I helped a wonderful couple who now has a family of their own. Overall, I had a wonderful experience (SPS truly takes good care of their surrogates!) and if I was a bit younger, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Heather’s thoughts on surrogacy

I would definitely recommend surrogacy. This pregnancy was just as enjoyable as my own pregnancies, and now I will always have a connection with this new family. It just feels like I gained another family, which is an amazing and gratifying feeling. Thank you SPS!

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Thank you for being a part of Storytellers, Heather!

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