As a surrogate, you prepare for pregnancy in so many ways. You discuss the journey ahead with your family, you get to know the intended parents, you have medical screenings, and of course, you excitedly await a successful transfer!

But there are also simple exercises you can do that get your body ready for pregnancy … and a healthy postpartum recovery. These exercises are not only beneficial for your pregnancy and overall wellness, but they also create a good foundation of health for the baby.

Here are five simple exercises that set your body up for a healthy, comfortable pregnancy and recovery.

(Note: Most exercises are safe to do during pregnancy—as long as you take appropriate precautions and don’t overdo it. Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen during pregnancy.)


Squats are great for strengthening your lower body—which you need to support the weight of the baby. They also help you maintain a range of motion in your hips, make your pelvic floor stronger, and prevent lower back pain.

During pregnancy, there are several types of squats that are beneficial, including bodyweight squats, sumo squats, chair squats, and deep squats with pelvic floor contraction. Learn how to safely do squats while pregnant.


Strengthening your core will give you a strong foundation as you begin your pregnancy—and planks are a fantastic workout for your core. With a regular plank practice, you’ll likely experience less tension in your back during pregnancy and you’ll be able to bounce back more easily after giving birth.

Note that if you’ve never done planks before, it’s not recommended to start when you are pregnant.


Kegels are exercises that engage and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which support your uterus, bladder, and other organs, and control the flow of urine and the contraction of the vagina and anal sphincter. By strengthening these muscles before pregnancy, you’ll be better able to support the weight of a growing baby and you’ll be less likely to experience incontinence after giving birth.

One study from Trondheim University Hospital in Norway showed that women who did pelvic floor exercises developed greater pelvic muscle control and flexibility, which resulted in an easier labor. The same study also showed that Kegel exercises could shorten the active phase of labor.

Learn how to do Kegels with this easy step-by-step guide from the Mayo Clinic.

 Pelvic tilt

Your pelvis is crucial during pregnancy and delivery, so it’s important to treat it well! Doing pelvic tilts regularly will strengthen your abdominal muscles, help alleviate backache during your pregnancy and labor, improve your posture, and make your delivery easier. Learn how to do pelvic tilts safely and properly.


Yoga is an incredibly valuable tool when you’re preparing for pregnancy. This multifaceted practice can reduce anxiety and stress; improve sleep; decrease lower back pain, nausea, shortness of breath, and headaches; and increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles involved in childbirth.

Yoga is also a wonderful way to relax and stay fit during your pregnancy, but it’s important to practice safely. The best styles of yoga for pregnant women are prenatal, hatha, and restorative yoga. Be sure to avoid hot yoga while you’re pregnant, as it can raise your temperature to an unhealthy level.

These simple exercises will help you have a smooth and healthy pregnancy, which will help make your surrogacy journey even more special! Remember to talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program during pregnancy.

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