This time of year, many of us are thinking about our goals for the next 12 months. For some of us, that means eating healthier and being more active. For others, it means spending more quality time with loved ones. Whatever your intention is, the new year is the perfect time to get started. 

Did you know that becoming a surrogate mother is also a wonderful way to achieve multiple life goals? As a surrogate, you are helping others realize a dream, creating special relationships, earning money that can help you meet a financial goal, and truly living life to the fullest.  

Here are four ways that surrogacy can help you achieve your goals this year. 

1. Help others bring a dream to life  

Gestational surrogacy has opened up amazing opportunities for hopeful parents who want a biological connection with their child but aren’t able to have a child in the “traditional” way. Surrogates help fulfill that dream. 

Many surrogates add yet another layer of purpose and fulfillment to their surrogacy journey by partnering with intended parents who face specific cultural or physical challenges, such as LGBTQ+ parents, cancer survivors, and more. 

Here is what several of our wonderful case managers (who were all surrogates themselves!) had to say about their surrogacy experience:

“I can’t even explain how happy I was for what I had done and for the parents to be able to have the family they were told they couldn’t have on their own.”Ashley 

“I will never forget the look on the mom’s face when she was holding her baby for the first time, and the joy in my heart for helping make that happen.” Katie 

“Aside from having my own child, I’ve never had such a feeling of accomplishment. It also made me feel incredibly valuable and almost superhuman to be able to help people in such a way.” – Daryl 

“I feel like I have made an impact in someone’s life that will forever be cherished, and that makes me really happy.”Jeniffer 

2. Build fulfilling new relationships 

Being a surrogate is an incredibly unique and profound experience. Many surrogates develop extremely close bonds with their intended parents throughout the process and remain close after the baby is born. 

Below, two of our case managers and one of our surrogates share their amazing experiences with their intended parents:

“I believe the biggest benefit to surrogacy is the bonds you make and how close you become to people who were at first total strangers.” – Daryl

My husband and children also loved talking to my IPs and we quickly became more like a family than just a surrogate and IPs.”Jeniffer

“I’m surprised and so very grateful at how close I’ve been able to become with my intended dads and surrobabe!” Heatherlyn 

3. Set an incredible example for others

Surrogacy is not only fulfilling and life-changing for you, but it also has a powerful impact on those around you—particularly your children. 

Recently, a team of researchers at Pennsylvania State University, led by Mary P. Riddle, Ph.D., explored The Psychological Impact of Surrogacy on the Families of Gestational Carriers: Implications for Clinical Practice

Riddle’s study found that the experience was generally quite positive for the children of women who become surrogates. Seventy-four percent of children reported the experience as having a positive impact on their life, and children scored within normal limits on all domain scales on the Piers Harris 2 (including behavioral adjustment, freedom from anxiety, popularity, and overall happiness). 

This was an initial study with a relatively small sample group, but it was an important step in exploring this essential but under-explored aspect of surrogacy.

4. Meet a financial goal

Surrogates who have the most successful and fulfilling experiences are primarily inspired by the incredibly powerful motivations described here.  

That said, there is also a financial component to surrogacy in the U.S., and it can provide a significant contribution towards achieving a financial goal. For example, putting a down payment on a new home, starting a college fund, going back to school, funding a “year off” to follow a passion, or traveling with the family to experience new cultures.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider starting your surrogacy journey in 2023!

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