Whether you’re interested in becoming a surrogate or using a surrogate to expand your family, you’ll likely work with a surrogacy agency to help you navigate your journey. 

The thing is, there are many surrogacy agencies out there. How do you find a surrogacy agency that best fits your needs? 

We’ve created a handy guide to help you understand what surrogacy agencies do, why you should work with a surrogacy agency, and what to look for when choosing one. Learn more below! 

What do surrogacy agencies do?

A surrogacy agency provides anywhere from some to all of the services you’ll need as you navigate the surrogacy process. 

Typically, full-service surrogacy agencies offer the following services:

  • Matching services for surrogates and intended parents
  • Screening services to make sure surrogates and intended parents are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for the process 
  • Counseling to ensure that everyone is emotionally and mentally supported throughout the journey
  • Coordination between medical professionals and surrogacy attorneys
  • … and more

It’s important to note that most surrogacy agencies specialize in gestational surrogacy, not traditional surrogacy. (You can learn more about the difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy here.)

Why should you work with a surrogacy agency?

Some people navigate their surrogacy journey with just an attorney and a surrogacy clinic. However, working with an established, full-service surrogacy agency can make the process much easier and significantly less stressful. Why?

  • They coordinate every aspect of the surrogacy process, ensuring that each step is completed.
  • They are experts at matching surrogates and intended parents. The surrogacy journey is an intimate partnership and strong matches reduce stress for both parties and help make the process more gratifying and successful. 
  • They connect you with trusted professionals, such as medical professionals and surrogacy attorneys. 
  • They serve as advocates for you as you navigate your journey, ensuring you’re not taken advantage of.
  • The process will go much smoother, as they help surrogates and intended parents deal with any unknown or unforeseen challenges. 
  • You’ll have round-the-clock support. Full-service agencies like Surrogate Parenting Services provide support to both parties throughout the entire process, including a case manager who is available to you 24/7.    

How do you find a surrogacy agency?

There are surrogacy agencies all over the United States. When you’re looking for an agency, keep in mind that gestational surrogacy agreements aren’t legal in all 50 states. Each state determines the legality of surrogacy agreements, and laws vary considerably from one state to the next. (You can find more information on surrogacy laws in the U.S. here.

How do you choose the right surrogacy agency?

surrogacy agency plays an integral role in fostering safe and positive experiences for both surrogates and intended parents. Unfortunately, not all agencies are equal in the service and care they offer to surrogates or intended parents – potentially resulting in unnecessary challenges and burdens.

Fortunately, there are reputable agencies who are committed to the highest standards – resulting in consistently positive journeys and countless happy families.  That’s why it’s so important to choose the right agency for you and your family.

As you begin conducting your research and interviewing agencies, you have two basic goals: to find the reputable agencies that work in your area, and to identify which surrogacy agency is best suited for your unique needs.

Here are four questions to ask:

1. What’s the agency’s history and/or level of experience?

While there’s no guarantee that a long-established surrogacy agency will provide the superior service you deserve, you want to choose an agency that has a proven record of successful journeys. Ask questions like: how long has the company been in business, how many families have they helped to create, and how has their reputation evolved (or remained consistent) over the years. 

At SPS, we’re one of the oldest and most established surrogacy agencies in California. Since 1990, we’ve helped to bring more than 800 babies into the world, and we’re honored to have so many of our new parents, surrogates, and medical professional partners refer their friends, family, and patients to us.

2. What is their screening process for both surrogates and intended parents?

Both parties should be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the process and educated on the responsibilities and risks.

Each surrogate in the SPS family has gone through extensive screening. Not only does our process look at her physical and emotional wellbeing, but it also includes her lifestyle, family support system, financial circumstances, and much more. While the screening process for intended parents isn’t as extensive, we also take great care in getting to know you—because, realistically, we can’t match you with the ideal surrogate if we don’t understand who you are and what you value.

3. How are surrogates and intended parents matched? 

The best agencies take into account factors such as personality, expectations for the journey, and the level of communication desired.

At SPS, our founder, Cristie Montgomery, personally guides the matching process—and this is one of the main reasons we have such a long history of success.  There’s an art to matching you with the absolute ideal surrogate partner, and it shouldn’t be left up to an algorithm to decide.

4. Which services do they offer? 

Services vary from agency to agency. Larger, more established agencies will be able to offer more services—everything from matching to case management to legal services. 

SPS is a full-service surrogacy agency that is truly with you every step of the way. We accompany you to appointments, manage all of your bills, connect you with a network of experienced mental health professionals to ensure you’re supported throughout your journey, and more. We have a dedicated team to assist with every aspect of your experience so you can focus on bonding with the IPs and having a healthy pregnancy. 

We hope this guide helps you understand what to look for in a surrogacy agency! 

Learn More About Becoming a Surrogate with Surrogate Parenting Services 

Surrogate Parenting Services is proud to celebrate 30 Years of helping to bring dreams to life! Founded in 1990, Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) is a full-service surrogacy program that offers both parties an exceptionally supportive environment throughout the surrogacy relationship. We’re passionate about creating ideal matches between surrogates and intended parents, so the journey is fulfilling for both sides and the future child is brought into this world in the best possible circumstances.   

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