Here at Surrogate Parenting Service (SPS), we’re passionate about making each client’s experience as fulfilling and joyful as possible. In fact, over half of our surrogates choose to do another journey with SPS. We’ve had surrogates do three and even four journeys with us! 

We’re proud to offer the level of service that makes our clients recommend us to their friends and family, and we’re always thrilled to receive great reviews from our surrogates and intended parents. (We’ve received over 100 5-star reviews on Google!)

When you’re researching surrogacy agencies, reading testimonials from surrogates and intended parents who have worked with the agency is a great way to learn more about the quality of services they provide.

Want to learn more about us? You can read some of our recent testimonials below! 

SPS is truly the best. I recently completed my first journey and I could not have asked for a better experience. It was everything I hoped for and more. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a surrogate and to have the outstanding team and support I gained from SPS. Cristie is simply phenomenal. I couldn’t have hand picked a better couple myself. Cristie shows how much she cares and goes above and beyond. She really knows how to make everyone feel so special. I can’t adequately express my gratitude for being able to give my IP’s the gift of their dreams. I’m forever humbled and thankful. I truly loved everything about my journey and would absolutely go through SPS again if I ever decide to do another journey. Thank you so much Cristie and all of the SPS team for everything!  Alyssa S., Surrogate

We just finished our journey with SPS and now are the happiest of parents with our baby girl! From the beginning, SPS was here for us providing the upmost professional care and support during our surrogacy journey. Their team took the best care of us, we felt so supported throughout the whole process. We got matched with the most amazing surrogate, and our wonderful case manager was with us every step of the way. When we started researching agencies for our journey, it was clear that SPS was the best and right fit for us. They really took the time to get to know us and could not have found us a better match. Thank you to the whole SPS team for embarking on this journey together, they are the best!!  Kaitlyn K., Intended Parent

Had the best surrogacy experience with SPS. Right from the start everyone was so friendly and helpful, made my decision to become a surrogate that much more comfortable. My case manager Jennifer was very supportive every step of the way, from answering my million questions to going to all my appointments and even bringing me my deli meat sandwich I was craving right after birth. Being matched with great IP’s, case manager, and doctors, really felt like a team effort all around. SPS made the behind the scenes stuff so easy, I recommend them to family and friends who are thinking about surrogacy.  Ivette G., Surrogate

I am an intended mother who just completed my first surrogacy journey through SPS. After 4+ years of waiting and trying, I am finally cradling my precious three-week old daughter and am so grateful for all SPS did to make her a reality. We came to SPS on the recommendation of my therapist. There are so many surrogacy agencies out there, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. Let me tell you, as my therapist told me: you want an agency that will stick with you, not just be a match-maker. SPS went above and beyond with our journey. They matched us with a wonderful experienced surrogate. I have heard a lot of agencies drop out of the picture at that point, but that was not the case with SPS. Our case manager Blythe was incredible and was by our side every step of the way, right up until the birth. Cristie was always available to talk to us as well. Because of our wonderful surrogate and SPS, we have the family we have dreamed of for so long. We are beyond grateful. – Kristin M., Intended Parent

After much research and not being happy with any agency I found, a friend recommended SPS. I called and immediately had a great feeling! Everyone at SPS is friendly, helpful, and most importantly, CARING! Cristie is absolutely amazing, and truly cares for her surrogates. She thoroughly explains the process and is a very responsible owner. The case managers are only a phone call away, ready and able to answer any questions or concerns. I always felt my health, and the health of the baby, were in good hands. My journey was everything I expected and more!! Best agency, best experience of my life. I would absolutely recommend SPS and would return for a second journey in the future. Simply amazing group of ladies! – Tiffany G., Surrogate

The process of growing your family with the help of a surrogate is inherently challenging, no matter how many times you have down it. Thus, it was so important to have the support, experience and care of everyone at SPS for both of our children! Cristie, SPS’ owner, is warm and caring, and has built a team that has the same attributes. The personal touch is so important when confronting huge logistical issues, especially as a gay couple. For example, how do you ensure that after your child is born you can room together in the hospital to bond? Daryl, Sherri, and Cristie were absolutely professional, and ensured issues like that were one less thing to worry about. Equally important is the support that SPS provides the surrogate who is giving such a tremendous gift to the intended parents. SPS gets my highest recommendation. Thank you, Cristie, Sherri, Daryl and the entire team at SPS! – Brent S., Intended Parent

Experience of a lifetime for me! This was the third agency I inquired about being a surrogate with and the one I decided to work with. From start to finish I felt like I was always their #1 priority and doing whatever they needed to make sure I was happy, healthy & well taken care of was a big part of that. I only ever wanted to be a surrogate just once but many of the others I met have done it multiple times with SPS and have had great experiences! So many perks on top of the $$ compensation too. If you’re considering being a surrogate I can personally recommend SPS! Jaime W., Surrogate

The SPS team is amazing! We did our homework before deciding on SPS and we could not be happier. The program is run from a place of kindness and compassion and that makes all the difference in the world. Cristie worked hard to match us with a wonderful surrogate and we hit the jackpot. Our surrogate was so incredible and she will always be part of our family. Everything was managed so well and we always felt heard and supported. We now have two beautiful children and we are forever grateful for all the love and support shown by SPS. – Beth M., Intended Parent

I just finished a journey as a surrogate with SPS last month. During the year we worked together, SPS was professional, kind, timely, and easy to work with. We were matched with amazing IPs who were a perfect fit for us, and the office staff and case manager were professional and addressed all concerns in a reasonable, communicative, and timely manner. If I were to pursue another surrogacy journey in the future, I would absolutely go with SPS. – Rachel W., Surrogate

As an intended parent and from overseas I have nothing but great things to say about SPS! We felt very comfortable with Cristie & Sherri and the team from the very beginning of our journey. They did a great job of helping us with all of the logistics of being from overseas.They matched us with the most amazing family and we could not have been happier, even to the extent that we went back to the US to introduce our daughter (who’s now 7) to her surrogate family! They will be lifelong friends – it’s just a shame they live so far away!!  Leanne W., Intended Parent

We hope these testimonials gave you some insight into who we are and the work we do. If you want to learn more about SPS and how to become a surrogate, follow the link below.

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Surrogate Parenting Services is proud to celebrate over 30 years of helping to bring dreams to life! Founded in 1990, Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) is a full-service surrogacy agency that offers both parties an exceptionally supportive environment throughout the surrogacy relationship. We’re passionate about creating ideal matches between surrogates and intended parents, so the journey is fulfilling for both sides and the future child is brought into this world in the best possible circumstances.   

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