This year has been unprecedented to say the least. We’ve had to navigate a great deal of uncertainty, and as 2020 winds down many people are feeling drained and disheartened. 

But, as many of us have learned this year, there is still so much joy to be found—and given. And there are few better ways to offer happiness to others than helping them expand their family. 

With all the difficulties of 2020, surrogates have the opportunity to end the year by making a huge, positive impact … and bringing a happy, healthy baby into the world! Here are three reasons to pursue surrogacy in 2020. 

Turn 2020 into your most amazing year yet 

We’ve had more than our fair share of doom and gloom this year. But imagine looking back on 2020 and instead of focusing on the pandemic and the drastic changes we’ve had to endure, you reminisce on your incredible surrogacy journey—one that will bring you joy, give you purpose, and introduce you to a supportive community of women who have also experienced this awe-inspiring journey. 

Your experience also sets a wonderful example for your children, who will learn about the importance of kindness, generosity, sacrifice, and inclusivity. 

Help a family fulfill their dreams 

This has been a year marked by loss, but as a surrogate mother, you have the opportunity to do something truly remarkable: help hopeful parents who have few other options grow their family. 

Whether you’re helping couples who have struggled with infertility, single parents who want to start a family, or LGBTQ+ parents who want a biological connection to their child, you’re quite literally bringing a family’s dreams to life. 

Earn money while staying home and staying safe 

While compensation should not be your primary motivation for pursuing surrogacy, it’s certainly a great benefit. Many surrogates use the money they earn to reach an important financial goal, such as putting a down payment on a home, going back to school, traveling with family (when we’re able to again!), or starting a college fund. 

Please keep in mind that although surrogates are compensated, we screen prospective surrogates for financial stability. It’s important to us that every surrogate at Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) feels empowered by her decision to become a surrogate. 

Again, what better way to end your 2020 (or start your 2021) than by beginning this truly miraculous journey—one that will have a profound impact on your family and the lives of hopeful parents. 

Learn More About Becoming a Surrogate with Surrogate Parenting Services 

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